Treating All Rapid Responses as Errors (TARRE) Improves Estimates of Ability (Slightly)

Daniel B Wright


Response times can be modeled along with response accuracy to estimate ability. Models that do not use response times were compared with three models that do. The predictive accuracy of the models were assessed using leave-out-one-item cross-validation where for a $k$ item test each method is used $k$ times with $k-1$ items to create ability estimates and these estimates are used to predict responses on the remaining item. The conceptually simplest method using response times, which treats all rapid responses as errors (TARRE), produced the most predictive values. However, the increase was less than would be achieved by having one extra item on the test. Possible effects of changing the scoring algorithm on student test taking behavior need to be explored before implementing any such a change.


IRT; educational measurement; response time


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